Friday, June 10, 2005


I Crashed AGAIN!!!!

Okay, this is how it happened. I went out for a ride behind the airport. I decided to take one of the dirt roads. Part of the dirt road has a sharp down hill stretch, fun, fun, FUN! I saw a big hole at the bottom of the hill and decided to bunny hop it. Well, I cleared the hole, but the front wheel came down first into soft mud. I lost control and flip over the handel bars.

I did a wierd Kung Fu style twist so that I wouldn't break my neck, but I landed on my left shoulder, HARD. Lucky it was soft mud. If it were asphault I would have dislocated my shoulder. I felt my spine bend beyond what God designed it to. Man it hurt, BUT IT WAS FUN! God must have sent an angel to soften my fall.

Yet another reason to get a recumbent: You can't flip over the handelbars, lol!

At any rate I got a new set of plans in last week to build a wooden recumbent low racer out of 2x4. Looks easy enough to build and my dad has tons of wood working material at his shop. I would have to get the drop outs machined, but that's a simple job. I'm thinking of building a Wooden High Racer Baccetta Giro Clone. The Volae Expedition is similar. That way I could take everything from my current mountain bike and move it over. Although I would upgrade the gear to an 8 speed rear cassette instead of 7.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Underground Railroad Tour

I am soooo excited! The Adventure Cycling Association is beginning to map out an Underground Railroad Bicycle Route which will stretch from Alabama to Pennylvainia.

I commented on their forum about a year back when they first proposed the idea. I suggested that many southern states continue to strive for the "New South" image. The Old South died not long after the Civil Rights Movement. Sure there are still vestiges, but for the most part this isn't the same place.

Anyway, starting in the Heart of Dixie would be great. Many escaped slaves came left Alabama. Pennsylvania was a not free or safe per se, but it was an important transition point. In 1850 laws were passed, however, that allowed slave owners to find their slaves in any part of the country. Local authorities were forced to help. Canada was the only true choice for freedom. It would be nice if the trail goes all the way to Lake Eire.

Alabama is NOT a bicycle friendly state. Having an Official Adventure Cycling Route would be great way to change that.

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