Monday, January 31, 2005


Things That Make You Wonder.

Have you ever cooked anything in a frying pan? I use Canola Oil. I usually put a tablespoon or so when stir frying chicken or something. I noticed that the oil flows away from the heat. Why is this? I thought oil was a lubrictant. Perhaps motor oil reacts differently than Canola oil. But if oil flows away from heat then how does it keep you car engine lubricated? Maybe that's why you need a gallon of the stuff.

Sunday, January 30, 2005



X-plane is the best flight simulator out there! I just flew through a hail storm over the Enlgish Channel from Paris, France to Birmingham, England in a fighter jet designed by a fighter pilot serving in Iraq(F/A-215). The hail stones actually damaged my canopy. So, I climbed to 30,000 feet to get above the weather. There is a lot less air at 30,000 feet than at 5,000 feet. So, the jet flys much more smoothly. The speed of sound is much lower up there, to. But I had to battle a serious crosswind and for some reason the automatic pilot went out of control. So, I had to fly manually to Birmingham. On landing, I still had to descend through all the bad weather. It was a fun flight.

It has a cool weather extention that logs online and downloads current weather conditions. I wrote about this when Hurrican Ivan came through. That was fun: trying to land an F/A-18 on an air craft cairrer in the middle of a hurricane!


Thursday, January 27, 2005


Krypto. Babiieee!!!

I just got my Kryptonite lock a few minutes ago. It has a flat key instead of a round ATM style socket. It's the same size as my old lock. Hat's off to Krypto..

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I Wanna Ride My Bicycle.

Who wrote that song? Was is Queen?

50 miles a day? Yeah, right. Not yet. I'm a long way off. Every since Christmas I've been a slacker. Lance got it wrong, it's all about the bike. After long days of writing and playing my saxophone I get pains in my wrists and neck. Riding that MTB only ads to the problem. So, it gets hard to ride becuase I'm in pain. DoomSled would solve that, but it's been put on hold for now. Something about paying the rent and utilities. When my copywriting business takes off I'll be able to afford a Greenspeed GTR before too long. I'm just gonna stick to commute rides until then.

Dems da breaks

Monday, January 24, 2005


Winter is here

Okay, winter has fimally hit Alabama. It was 20F this morning. I didn't ride today. I'd like to have kids some day. Having frost bitten balls wouldn't help much. Anyway, all I have to is wait a couple of days it'll be back up to 50F or so. Below 50F it hurts to breath outside.

Oh, a friend told me about a trail on the other side of the river. The River Walk trail is on the south side of the Black Warrior river, but apparently there is another trail on the north side. I may check that out this Saturday. That would be a good ride.

Saturday, January 22, 2005


Yesterday's Ride

I needed to do some research yesterday for class. So, I decided to ride down to the computer lab to do it. Once I got there I remembered I mailed my lock off to Krypto. to get it replaced. No lock. What to do? Instead of riding to the library or computer labs I went to the music building and took my bike inside and left it under the stair well. I was just praying that no one would steal it. No one did! I hope Krypto. sends my lock soon.

Thursday, January 20, 2005


The E.U. Sucks!!!

I'm not much for cursing people, but the E.U. are a bunch of Commy Liberal Hacks!!!! Read this article:
Tsunami-hit Thais told: Buy Six Planes or Face E.U. Tariffs:

These folks were just hit by a major tsunami. Hundreds of thousands died. Yet, the E.U. has the audacity to muscle the Thais into buying six A380s. The Thais are taxed to death on their fishing industry by the E.U. The E.U. says, "Buy our super wannabe jumbo jets and we'll lift the tariffs." This type injustice makes me want to take all our hydrogen bombs in the U.S. and dispense some indiscriminate justice!!!

Thanks for sending me this article, ceiliazul. Sorry for the cursing folks. I substituted the word bastards with hacks.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005



Airbus has just released their A380. It's bigger than the 747. It's so big they are having to build new terminats at already crowded airports. The French Airbus is the main competition for Boeing. They've been trying to get into U.S. Military contracts for cargo jet. I say screw'em. Airbus is betting on demand for super large planes offering cheaper seats. Boeing's tactic is that People wouldrather ride in smaller jet for longer periods of time prefering travel directly to destinations.

Friday, January 14, 2005


Today's Ride

Okay, here's the thing. A couple days ago a big storm came through, tornado sirens and everything. I took the trail back home today. There were fallen trees and all along the trail. Lucky I had my Cannondales on. I did more hiking than biking. But that's the cool thing about MTB shoes. They double as hiking boots also.

I almost fell again but I was able to get my foot unclipped in time. I hate it when that happens. Plus it freezing outside. Anything below 60 is freezing down here. I had 2 pair of socks, mittens plus 2 layers on my upper body. I didn't need the long johns though. When the temperature gets cold it's hard to breath. I don't see how winter olympic athletes do it.

I also went to the doctor for a check up on my asthma. They have a cool computerized airflow meter that measures the airflow of both large and small air passages in your lungs. Today's test was much better than September's test.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Kryptonite Delivers

Hey, everybody. Just a quick update on my bicycle lock. I just got the shipping details for my new Kryptonite lock this evening. This is cool. I know this must be costing Krypto a ton of cash but they are doing the right thing.

For those who do not know Kryptonite, the Xerox of bicycle locks, has suffered one of the biggest fiascos of the decade. These lock have been around for 11 years now and have been advertised as the world's most unbreakable lock. Well, it turns out that you can open the lock with a Bic Pen. The new locks use a flat key design as opposed to the round key design like most vending and ATM machines. Kryptonite started a replacement program back in October. They stil have their honor. The Buckets of Doom approve of their action.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


The Buckets of Doom

Behold. These are the Buckets of Doom. Made in the days of old. They have fought many battles. These would have taken the One Ring to very fires of the Mount Doom. Alas, Bill was sent home by Aragon, first King of the Fourth Age. Know one ever knew what became of Bill. Some say he found his way back to the Shire. Yet, some say he was taken by the dark powers. Some would that he meet an untimely demise at the hands of the Orcs. It is most certain that King Thorondor, Lord of the Eagles of the Crissaegrim, knows Bill's fate. For we all know the Eagles keep a watchful eye on the dark places of the world.

Nonethless, the Buckets of Doom endured. Age after age they survived until I, Sir Funbun, son of Sir Frank the Sunny, found their remains buried deep in a storehouse. I alone took up the Buckets of Doom, armed them, and made them to travel on a new steed. A steed whos demise would not be as our friend Bill. A steed that needs no food nor sleep, can travel at speed, both day and night, without water. Thus, the Rise of Doomsled.

Building the Buckets of Doom


I'm back! Mostly.

I haven't posted in a while. I have several other writing projects on my plate that are taking up my time. I writing copy for a friend's website, working on a sci-fi story for another friend, and I'm trying to start a copywriting business. Atop all that school just started.

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