Thursday, March 31, 2005


Terri Schiavo

Terri Schiavo is dead. There's no doubt about that (Charles Dickens). I normaly don't talk about politics on my blog, and this time I'll try not to get too mad. Why is it political issue anyway?

Those of you watching th news have probably heard the story. I won't rehash all that stuff.

But I wonder why she died. Why didn't the husband didn't get a Living Will. He had 7 years. The Judicial system signed her death warrant. We as a nation tortured her for 2 weeks. We tourtured one of your own. She was innocent. She had done nothing wrong.

I love this nation, but I wonder what our country is comming to. I'm gonna stop writing before I get angry.

Note: the Pope just had a feeding tube inserted a couple days ago. I wonder if the E.U. kill him?

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Buckets of Second Doom

Jakub's Amazing Bucket Bike

I just found these buckets. Pretty good. They're straped on, and that looks like a Jerry rigged rack.


Homebuilt Panniers Page Is Up!

Part 1 of the homebuilt panniers section is up! It's not in the navbar. I buried down as a teir 3 page, so they would have to look at the basic pannier page first

How To Build Your Own Panniers

Tuesday, March 29, 2005



I got the Contact Us Page up. Would some of you send a message so I can see if it works?


Saturday, March 26, 2005


No Ride Today

I had to let my body rest today. Also, I could sleep last night. I woke up at 2 a.m. and couldn't sleep. So, I played video games for about 4 hrs.

I got some webpages up today. Check'em out:
Recumbent Touring Bicycles


Yesterday's Ride

Went out north of town. I love riding on country roads. Not much traffic, and all the drivers give plenty of space when passing.

I discovered hills. They never end. Just when you think it's gonna level out, it gets steeper. I used the granny gear all the way up.

After a few miles of that I decided to take a rest. I went down a dirt road a ways, unloaded the Buckets of Doom, and sat down. It was quite. Wind blowing. Lot's of shade. I love solitude.


Check This Out...

Here is a blog about a guy who built a short wheel base bent from a Bentech frameset.

Burke Jones's Bent.

Friday, March 25, 2005


Buckets of Doom Meet their Rival

I'm thinking of building another set of panniers out of old Military ALICE Packs.

This is a medium and it tops out at over 4,000 cubic inches. WOW, that's huge! They make a smaller one and an even larger model (8,000+ cu. in.) You can't buy a 4,000 cu. in. pannier for under $300 commercially. I could build a set of these for about $70 total.


Went for a nice loop ride yesterday. But my Cateye Mitty 3 died. No way to track milage :( I thought of buying a GPS device. It would probably be more acurate.

Website Update:

I've got a few more pages written, but won't post until I've had a chance to edit them tomorrow.

Bike Update:

Cycle Genius has a realy nice tour Long Wheel Base 'bent for $1099. Looks good for the money. It has better components the Rans Tailwind and it costs about the same. It's made out of Aluminum. So, it's lighter and has Disc Brakes. Cycle Genius has come a long way in the past few years.

Lots of choices...

Monday, March 21, 2005


Website Update

Well, I got the homepage set up over the weekend. I plan to add at least 5 pages a week. I plan to make this a huge information site first, then, add monetization later.
Here you go:

Best Recumbent Touring Bicycles.

Please, tell me what you think.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005



Okay, here's the thing...

I trying to put together a new wesite about 'bent touring.

So why do you guys tour?

Don't worry. I won't be using these testimonials on the webpage. I'm just trying to get an idea of the mind set behind why people tour.

For me, it's the freedom...the open adventure...a constant movie running in my head...

What about you? What desires or wishes are fulfilled when you're out there instead of being couped up in a cubical all day?

Monday, March 14, 2005


Uh-oh! It's coming...

The cogs turn...

Cobwebs being torn apart...

The light bulb flickers...

Yes, you guessed it. I have a idea. I'm planning to launch a recumbent bicycle website. I've been looking into copywriting and internet marketing for a while now. That's why I haven't been posting much. But I've found through several keyword searches and I've found that 'bents are a solid niche which have plenty of demand, but low supply (relatively speaking to say......mountian bikes.)

I mean, the 'bent industry is a niche market. And niche markets are the best way to go into business. But net doesn't need another general recumbent bicycle website. I figure I could come at it from the different angle: cheap 'bents for touring. That's not final or anything, but it's a start. I'm still doing keywords searches and such. It's gonna be a pretty big site. It won't start that way of course, but I plan to make it hugh.

I'll keep you folks posted...

P.S. I am seriously considering the cruzbike option as a backup to DoomSled. DoomSled the Lesser (the Cruzbike) and DoomSled the Greater (the Greenspeed GTR).

Saturday, March 12, 2005


Today's Ride

The Start. In the back is the entrance to the Yatch Club. I wonder what the security guard is thinking... Posted by Hello

Okay, today's ride. Well, let's see. I headed out this moring about 7:45am. Got to the fire station across the road from the Yatch Club. I was gonna ride to Lake Nicole, but I took another road. I saw a bunch of signs about a new subdivision called Lakes. I only lake saw was only a pond. Man made of course. It's funny because Lake Tuscaloosa is hugh and they start a subdivision not 3 miles away made of small wimpy man made ponds. This Lake Tuscaloosa was nowhere in sight.

This'll be one of those subdivisions that you go looking at Christmas lights on Cristmas Eve. Christmas with the Kranks X-treme Edition.

I was afraid a bunch of riders would be out early because many riders park there at the firestation to ride. Nice country roads, not much traffic. Much better than riding in the city.

Anyway, I was the only one. Maybe they'll be out later today.

36MPH Down :) That's the fastest I even been on a bike. DoomSled should do 45MPH at least. Posted by Hello

Yup. Here's the subdivision. Not many houses yet. Just a bunch of land, plenty of bull doziers, and tons of speed.

2 MPH up :( I didn't even THINK about riding up this hill. Posted by Hello

Okay, this hill kicked my butt. That was stupid big. So, I turned myself into a pedestrian and walked up. Afterwards, the Buckets of Doom demanded rest.

Then, I went south at a good 18MPH clip for about a mile. I noticed a big sign:

As I approched the sign, I saw a guy about 50 years old running with 2 dogs. He stoped to checkhis mail then he looked up and saw me riding toward his private land as if I were gonna fuel up a few A-10 attack planes and call out the National Guard to lay siege on his land. I smiled and reply. MAN!

I didn't take personal or anything. I just turned around and headed back. I wasn't gonna to tresspass on his land anyway.

5.88 miles
7.4 MPH average speed
36 MPH max. speed
5.9 miles total [the odometer always rounds up (shrugg)]

Friday, March 11, 2005


Okay Let's Try This Again...

So, no birthdays tomorrow. Noah says 73 deg F clear, but windy. That'll be good for riding. I think I'll ride out to Lake Nicole and back. Of course, I'll start out by the Yatch Club. The road over the dam is too dangerous.

My goal is to shoot for a Metric Century by Summer's end. It's time for Spring Training. So, if I start building up weekly miles now, 62 miles by the end of August shouldn't be too hard.

For those who how don't know. A Century is a 100 miles bike ride. It's not a race although it can be. A Mertric Century

Funny, I know a lady that's been training all winter for a marathon. In fact, she just ran one and is planning to run aother one. She makes me feel like a wus :(

Sunday, March 06, 2005


Saturday's Ride

Okay. Saturday was my mom's birthday. So I didn't ride any. My brother and I bought her an ice cream cake from Cold Stone. It was a strawberry ice cream/red velvet cake. Twas good. And she made me chillie. It was good. Nice to have a mom that lakes you chillie :)

Friday, March 04, 2005


Tomorrw's ride

The weather is warming up. 75deg F tomorrow. So, I'm going for a ride.

I bought a new front shiter today at the Cycle Path. Just 15 bucks. It ain't XT level or nothing. I threw on a new shifter cable, too. Gonna take it out tommorrow for a ride. That shifter was the only component I never upgraded. It needed replacing for a while now.

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