Saturday, March 12, 2005

2 MPH up :( I didn't even THINK about riding up this hill. Posted by Hello

Okay, this hill kicked my butt. That was stupid big. So, I turned myself into a pedestrian and walked up. Afterwards, the Buckets of Doom demanded rest.

Then, I went south at a good 18MPH clip for about a mile. I noticed a big sign:

As I approched the sign, I saw a guy about 50 years old running with 2 dogs. He stoped to checkhis mail then he looked up and saw me riding toward his private land as if I were gonna fuel up a few A-10 attack planes and call out the National Guard to lay siege on his land. I smiled and reply. MAN!

I didn't take personal or anything. I just turned around and headed back. I wasn't gonna to tresspass on his land anyway.

5.88 miles
7.4 MPH average speed
36 MPH max. speed
5.9 miles total [the odometer always rounds up (shrugg)]

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