Monday, April 25, 2005



I haven't written in a while. I've been ride several time per week. I found a riding partner for the weekends. He's a lawyer. Good to have a lawyer. I don't know why people say kill all lawyers. If you've every need one, you will develop a whole new repect for them.

I'm thinking of buying a pair of bike shorts and a jersey. Nothing fancy, but wearing blue jeans is getting old.

I far as my search ofr a bent, I found a guy who will build a frame for $80. That's cheap. He builds recumbent frames for a hobby. At any rate I am still gonna hold off for a while until my copywriting business gets going.

Recycled Recumbent

Friday, April 08, 2005


Doomsled Ariseth

I just found a guy selling a set of Alex DH-16 wheels. They are strong MTB wheels which would be good for touring. It's a 20" front wheel, 26" rear wheel. He wants $90 for the set. This is pretty good deal. You can't buy a recumbent wheel set for less than $150 new. And a custom built set would cost you almost $200.

He also has an SRAM 8spd cassette (11-34 teeth). I've a hard time finding an 8spd cassette with 34 tooth sprocket. Most only have a 32 tooth spocket. I need the bigger tooth for hills. Plus, I've already got 8spd Shimano bar ends shifters.

The wheels also have Shimano LX Hubs. I've got an XT front derailluer, and Deore level V-brakes and rear derrailluer, Ultegra level shifters. This should make for a pretty good machine.

Saturday, April 02, 2005


Possible Tour

This should be a good tour. It passes through Alabama, not far from where my brother lives. This may be good for next summer. Ther eare several state park in my area and those would be great tours to start with. A great Loop ride would be Camp Tuscoba, Lake Lurleen, Moundville, and back home.

I've got enough money to buy a Bentech framset. It's a short wheel base recumbent bike. It call for 20/26 wheels, that is the front wheel is 20 inches and the rear wheel is 26 inches. I'd rather use 26 inch wheels all around and make the thing a high racer. This way can transfer all my components from my mountain bike to the new bike.

I didn't realize that Heidi Domeisen had finished her tour. She did a loop ride fron North Carolina to Alaska and back. She just finished in Feburary. She bought a Trimuter to do her tour. I read an interview where she said she should have bought a Greenspeed.

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