Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Traffic Sucks

I don't like riding in traffic, especially the people on cell phones in SUVs. They act brain dead. What's the deal? If I see a cyclist on the roadway, I'll treat him just like a car, giving him the whole lane. If I can't, I'll just wait. It's not like cyclists have 200 horsepower to travel at the same speed as a car. This is why I ride out in the country, or in the industrial district. Those big trucks are proffessional drivers; they treat you with respect even though they outwiegh you by many tons.

I know I'm preaching to the chior, but please give a cyclist plenty of room on the roads. 3 feet ain't gonna cut it. Give them at least half a lane. Remember we have to maintain forward speed in order to keep rolling. And we are unstable in gravel; therefore, ditching onto the shoudler of the road is dangerous. We also have to dismount in order to stop. You car people don't have to worry about this. Please be kind. Please slow down. You just might add a few years to a cyclist's life.

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