Wednesday, May 31, 2006


DoomSled Update

It's coming along. I just got the seat mount in yesterday. I also ordered a Burley chain idler, some stem parts, and a riser. The riser is just a piece of 1 1/8 inch aluminum tubing I bought from Shapiro Supply.

Hopefully, everything will be assembled by next week.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Almost Finished

I've been working on this hammock for a while now. I finanlly got the tarp done. The seams need waterproofing though. I tested it out at Lake Nicole yesterday, and there was plenty of wind. This ripstop nylon would make a good kite 'cause it catches bunches of wind.

Anyway, I tried a new hitch: the trucker's hitch. It's perfect for setting and keeping tension on guylines, yet it's easy to untie. I was showing a friend this hitch, and we both figured that it shouldn't work. I mean, the hitch looks like it should fall apart, but it doesn't. It just keeps the tension that you set.

What's left? Da bugnet. I don't want a bugnet, but God made all these bugs, and they keep biting me, and flying into my ears and nose. So I'll make a bugnet tube that surrounds the entire hammock.

Underside view Posted by Picasa

Tarp. Check out those Trucker's Hitches! Posted by Picasa

Covers pulled back; hammock deployed. Posted by Picasa

Hammock Covers "a la Hennessey Snake Skins" Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


The Hammock

I just finished my hammock. It's raining so I won't get pictures until tomorrow.

But I went out to Lakes Nicole and Harris before it started raining. I was cool laying back on the egde of a cliff. It's very comfortable, more so than I thought.

Although the hammock is fine the rain tarp isn't. I made a gross miscalculation: the instructions read that I needed two pieces of ripstop nylon cut to 8 x 10 each. Well, I only bought one piece at 12 x 5. It's plenty long enough, but not wide enough to protect against rain. Soooo, I've got to remake the tarp.

Friday, May 05, 2006


Here's the Frame

Bentech Highracer Frame Posted by Picasa

Ritchey Logic 1 inch treadless headset. Not sure what stem that is. Posted by Picasa

28, 42, 52 Crank Set. 170mm crank arms Posted by Picasa

Boom Bolts Posted by Picasa

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