Sunday, May 21, 2006


Almost Finished

I've been working on this hammock for a while now. I finanlly got the tarp done. The seams need waterproofing though. I tested it out at Lake Nicole yesterday, and there was plenty of wind. This ripstop nylon would make a good kite 'cause it catches bunches of wind.

Anyway, I tried a new hitch: the trucker's hitch. It's perfect for setting and keeping tension on guylines, yet it's easy to untie. I was showing a friend this hitch, and we both figured that it shouldn't work. I mean, the hitch looks like it should fall apart, but it doesn't. It just keeps the tension that you set.

What's left? Da bugnet. I don't want a bugnet, but God made all these bugs, and they keep biting me, and flying into my ears and nose. So I'll make a bugnet tube that surrounds the entire hammock.

Cool. I like seeing all the pictures.
Looks great Damon!
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