Monday, October 24, 2005


Doomsled Update 2.0

I dropped off the frame and tubes to Thornton's Welding and Machine Shop this morning. It was a pretty cool deal.

I pulled into the parking lot, and noticed that my door would open. So I crawled out out the passenger side door, grabbed the frame and tube, and head towards the shop. The shop was painted in a school bus, cheese yellow. The building itself looked like an aircraft hanger, well, a couple of aircraft hangers.

I walked in and saw machines. No office. Just machines. "Tuff guy" machines. I'm not talking Tool Time, Home Depot stuff. These we're big Ford F-150 sized machines. I thought, "Can they weld something as small as my Doomsled?"

After a few seconds a guys walks up and asks, "Whattcha need buddy?"

"I'm working on a bicycle project. I need to weld this peice here, that piece there..."

He undterstood exactly what I needed. He even said that he'd "fish mouth" the tubes to make them fit. What's more, it would only cost about $40 and about an hour's worth of work.

Coolness! So that's means DoomsSled should be up and running within a month!

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