Friday, April 08, 2005


Doomsled Ariseth

I just found a guy selling a set of Alex DH-16 wheels. They are strong MTB wheels which would be good for touring. It's a 20" front wheel, 26" rear wheel. He wants $90 for the set. This is pretty good deal. You can't buy a recumbent wheel set for less than $150 new. And a custom built set would cost you almost $200.

He also has an SRAM 8spd cassette (11-34 teeth). I've a hard time finding an 8spd cassette with 34 tooth sprocket. Most only have a 32 tooth spocket. I need the bigger tooth for hills. Plus, I've already got 8spd Shimano bar ends shifters.

The wheels also have Shimano LX Hubs. I've got an XT front derailluer, and Deore level V-brakes and rear derrailluer, Ultegra level shifters. This should make for a pretty good machine.

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