Friday, March 11, 2005


Okay Let's Try This Again...

So, no birthdays tomorrow. Noah says 73 deg F clear, but windy. That'll be good for riding. I think I'll ride out to Lake Nicole and back. Of course, I'll start out by the Yatch Club. The road over the dam is too dangerous.

My goal is to shoot for a Metric Century by Summer's end. It's time for Spring Training. So, if I start building up weekly miles now, 62 miles by the end of August shouldn't be too hard.

For those who how don't know. A Century is a 100 miles bike ride. It's not a race although it can be. A Mertric Century

Funny, I know a lady that's been training all winter for a marathon. In fact, she just ran one and is planning to run aother one. She makes me feel like a wus :(

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