Saturday, March 12, 2005


Today's Ride

The Start. In the back is the entrance to the Yatch Club. I wonder what the security guard is thinking... Posted by Hello

Okay, today's ride. Well, let's see. I headed out this moring about 7:45am. Got to the fire station across the road from the Yatch Club. I was gonna ride to Lake Nicole, but I took another road. I saw a bunch of signs about a new subdivision called Lakes. I only lake saw was only a pond. Man made of course. It's funny because Lake Tuscaloosa is hugh and they start a subdivision not 3 miles away made of small wimpy man made ponds. This Lake Tuscaloosa was nowhere in sight.

This'll be one of those subdivisions that you go looking at Christmas lights on Cristmas Eve. Christmas with the Kranks X-treme Edition.

I was afraid a bunch of riders would be out early because many riders park there at the firestation to ride. Nice country roads, not much traffic. Much better than riding in the city.

Anyway, I was the only one. Maybe they'll be out later today.

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