Tuesday, March 15, 2005



Okay, here's the thing...

I trying to put together a new wesite about 'bent touring.

So why do you guys tour?

Don't worry. I won't be using these testimonials on the webpage. I'm just trying to get an idea of the mind set behind why people tour.

For me, it's the freedom...the open road...an adventure...a constant movie running in my head...

What about you? What desires or wishes are fulfilled when you're out there instead of being couped up in a cubical all day?

I can't speak to recumbant riders, but I'd say that the biggest benefits of touring are found in the times for thinking and stillness.

I wish I had more input, but my lack of experience with touring will allow me to enjoy your new site even more when it is available!
Thanks, man. I reserved the URL yesterday. I'll be working on the homepage this weekend.
Oh, one thing I'd like to see on your site is directions for Buckets of Doom and other homemade panniers.
Yes, in fact, there is significant demand for that keyword and hardly any websites that target that keyword.

So, I will put a couple of pages up about commercial panniers and homamde panniers.
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