Tuesday, January 11, 2005


The Buckets of Doom

Behold. These are the Buckets of Doom. Made in the days of old. They have fought many battles. These would have taken the One Ring to very fires of the Mount Doom. Alas, Bill was sent home by Aragon, first King of the Fourth Age. Know one ever knew what became of Bill. Some say he found his way back to the Shire. Yet, some say he was taken by the dark powers. Some would that he meet an untimely demise at the hands of the Orcs. It is most certain that King Thorondor, Lord of the Eagles of the Crissaegrim, knows Bill's fate. For we all know the Eagles keep a watchful eye on the dark places of the world.

Nonethless, the Buckets of Doom endured. Age after age they survived until I, Sir Funbun, son of Sir Frank the Sunny, found their remains buried deep in a storehouse. I alone took up the Buckets of Doom, armed them, and made them to travel on a new steed. A steed whos demise would not be as our friend Bill. A steed that needs no food nor sleep, can travel at speed, both day and night, without water. Thus, the Rise of Doomsled.

Building the Buckets of Doom

Cool pics of your "Buckets of Doom". I got my two buckets for free. They were cat litter buckets. I plan on making them into paniers too! Keep cycling! I enjoy reading your blog!


Thanks for reading! I think making your own panniers is a very cost effective. Also, you could buy some old Army bags and use the Arkel Hook System to attach them to your rack. That would be even better. Those old Army bags are made from thick canvas. They were designed for combat so touring or commuting is light duty.
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