Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I Wanna Ride My Bicycle.

Who wrote that song? Was is Queen?

50 miles a day? Yeah, right. Not yet. I'm a long way off. Every since Christmas I've been a slacker. Lance got it wrong, it's all about the bike. After long days of writing and playing my saxophone I get pains in my wrists and neck. Riding that MTB only ads to the problem. So, it gets hard to ride becuase I'm in pain. DoomSled would solve that, but it's been put on hold for now. Something about paying the rent and utilities. When my copywriting business takes off I'll be able to afford a Greenspeed GTR before too long. I'm just gonna stick to commute rides until then.

Dems da breaks

Queen, yes! If you PM me at Bikeforums with your email address, I'll send you a movie clip with that song in it.

The goal that I remember you saying was for 50 miles per week. That's only 7 miles per day. I can't fact check my memory, because you removed the weekly riding chart all together! Punk...

Anyway, I understand about that freezing thing, being that I spent several years in upstate New York. Twenty degrees is a heat wave, for this time of year. Hopefully in the spring you and I will both be making and meeting new goals.

I've never done a century, that's my goal for this summer.
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