Sunday, January 30, 2005



X-plane is the best flight simulator out there! I just flew through a hail storm over the Enlgish Channel from Paris, France to Birmingham, England in a fighter jet designed by a fighter pilot serving in Iraq(F/A-215). The hail stones actually damaged my canopy. So, I climbed to 30,000 feet to get above the weather. There is a lot less air at 30,000 feet than at 5,000 feet. So, the jet flys much more smoothly. The speed of sound is much lower up there, to. But I had to battle a serious crosswind and for some reason the automatic pilot went out of control. So, I had to fly manually to Birmingham. On landing, I still had to descend through all the bad weather. It was a fun flight.

It has a cool weather extention that logs online and downloads current weather conditions. I wrote about this when Hurrican Ivan came through. That was fun: trying to land an F/A-18 on an air craft cairrer in the middle of a hurricane!


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