Friday, January 14, 2005


Today's Ride

Okay, here's the thing. A couple days ago a big storm came through, tornado sirens and everything. I took the trail back home today. There were fallen trees and all along the trail. Lucky I had my Cannondales on. I did more hiking than biking. But that's the cool thing about MTB shoes. They double as hiking boots also.

I almost fell again but I was able to get my foot unclipped in time. I hate it when that happens. Plus it freezing outside. Anything below 60 is freezing down here. I had 2 pair of socks, mittens plus 2 layers on my upper body. I didn't need the long johns though. When the temperature gets cold it's hard to breath. I don't see how winter olympic athletes do it.

I also went to the doctor for a check up on my asthma. They have a cool computerized airflow meter that measures the airflow of both large and small air passages in your lungs. Today's test was much better than September's test.

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