Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Kryptonite Delivers

Hey, everybody. Just a quick update on my bicycle lock. I just got the shipping details for my new Kryptonite lock this evening. This is cool. I know this must be costing Krypto a ton of cash but they are doing the right thing.

For those who do not know Kryptonite, the Xerox of bicycle locks, has suffered one of the biggest fiascos of the decade. These lock have been around for 11 years now and have been advertised as the world's most unbreakable lock. Well, it turns out that you can open the lock with a Bic Pen. The new locks use a flat key design as opposed to the round key design like most vending and ATM machines. Kryptonite started a replacement program back in October. They stil have their honor. The Buckets of Doom approve of their action.

Good to have you back. I haven't seen any milage totals since October. One could conclude that you are riding with such focus that, like the bike in Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" video, your riding approaches the speed of light, causing your traditional odometer to cease functioning.

Anyway, I hope you are still on track for your goal of 50 miles per day.
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