Saturday, January 22, 2005


Yesterday's Ride

I needed to do some research yesterday for class. So, I decided to ride down to the computer lab to do it. Once I got there I remembered I mailed my lock off to Krypto. to get it replaced. No lock. What to do? Instead of riding to the library or computer labs I went to the music building and took my bike inside and left it under the stair well. I was just praying that no one would steal it. No one did! I hope Krypto. sends my lock soon.

Sorry to get you dragged into politics! I was just poking fun at the A380 Superblimp, and now there's food flying.

I'm curious, did your hit counter spike after you cussed out the EU?
Not more than normal. But I've had more people posting comments.

Don't feel bad. I've always wondered what it wold take to get more people posting comments.
There's a very good blogger at (and not too partisan, Mr. Anonymous) who got into politics during the election campaign, and almost quit blogging altogether.

Politics is the Palantir of this world. Amazing power is offered, but all who cannot bend it to their will are consumed. I do not yet know which group I am in.

Please do not let politics burn you out. I like your blog for the low-key thoughts and outdated riding log. You are the people!

By the way, how's your 50 miles per week going?
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