Thursday, January 20, 2005


The E.U. Sucks!!!

I'm not much for cursing people, but the E.U. are a bunch of Commy Liberal Hacks!!!! Read this article:
Tsunami-hit Thais told: Buy Six Planes or Face E.U. Tariffs:

These folks were just hit by a major tsunami. Hundreds of thousands died. Yet, the E.U. has the audacity to muscle the Thais into buying six A380s. The Thais are taxed to death on their fishing industry by the E.U. The E.U. says, "Buy our super wannabe jumbo jets and we'll lift the tariffs." This type injustice makes me want to take all our hydrogen bombs in the U.S. and dispense some indiscriminate justice!!!

Thanks for sending me this article, ceiliazul. Sorry for the cursing folks. I substituted the word bastards with hacks.

Aw, I didn't mean to get your dander up...

Watch for Thailand to bite their thumb at this offer: no European country is on the list of Thailand's top export partners (1). Strongarm economic tactics aren't very useful when your economy is not strong!

As for the hydrogen bombs, I'd hold off on that. Both of my favorite two books would be critical of the idea. From the lesser of the two: "Many that live deserve death. And some who die deserve life. Can you give it to them?"

Yeah, you're right. That's what happens when someone crosses the line. I get cold, ridged and very unforgiving.
Hey, I understand your outrage, but did you see how much the US taxes the Thais? 97% ! Makes the EU look like lightweights in comparison. If the Thais don't buy the jets, they get a 12% tax. I think all taxes should be dropped till these poor blokes recover. Has the US dropped its tariffs? I'm all for bashing people who deserve it, but we gotta look in the mirror, too.


Scott, I would like to check out your data on Thailand duties. Where did you get that number?

We do tax Thai imports, but a quick google produced a document on (1) which lists duties far below 97%. Agricultural products are taxed at an average of 23.6 percent. (pg 44) I am uncertain how to read the numbers on page 47, I have no background in economics. If the very first column is "percent tariff" then the unweighted average is 26.5%.
Can you clarify?

My interest in following this up stems from your call to "look in the mirror," which I do try not to forget. I am not an expert in any area discussed in this thread. Actually, my initial comment to Funbun's post about the A380 was intended more to point out the silliness of that whole endeavor, but I don't often pass up a chance to learn something.

Harsh words indeed. Not all E.U countries are liberal. Ireland for one is still very conservative and I hope they hold fast. Before we point the finger at others from the U.S. we have to look at all of the disasters we ourselves have had a hand in. The starvation of Iraq's children comes to mind. No, that was never shown on CNN, I wonder why? If you saw it on the news in another country you would have been ashamed.
I don't watch CNN because CNN is liberal. Almost all U.S. TV media is liberal. Radio and the blogosphere is the only real conservitive media out there in the U.S. Oh, yeah. Fox News is good. Yet, we still elected a conservative President. So, the American people know when they are being feed b.s. by the press.

I'm black. My people went through 400+ years of slavery in a country whos constitution says every man is created equally. I did say that things like this make me was want depense indescriminant justice right? You did read that, right?

Also, I don't here many good things going on over in Iraq either. I think that's strange. Especially, in the U.S. news media. It's all negatuve as if nothing of any good is coming out of Iraq. And that nothing of any good will ever come out of Iraq. This is strange, but typical.

Also, how many kids are starving in the world right now? Can you count them? Can you help them all?

At any rate, sorry to offend anyone.
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