Monday, August 23, 2004


Build Your Own Panniers: Part 2

20mm screws that saved me from the agony of defeat. Posted by Hello

Tool Time!!!
As i started to measure for hole to drill in the bucket I noticed that the bucket was a little more narrow than the bracket. Also, the bucket round edges which makes it hard to run the screw straight in from the other side, Also, the stock screws were too short. So, I had to go Home Depot and get some 20mm length screws as opposed to 16mm. It's hard to believe that 4mm was the difference between a project well done and the agony of defeat. Notice in the picture that the screws are black. The stock screws are same color as the aluminum.

Also, I has to drill bigger holes. My dad always says, “Give it a little to play with.” Wow, I'm happy I remembered than lesson. True enough I drilled the hole on the bracket one size larger and the whole in the bucket about twice as large as the whole in the bracket. It worked like a charm.

The bucket isn't perfectly square. In other words, the sides are not flat like a table. The middle bulges just a little. that's another reason I had to get the longer screws. Also, when tightening the sides flatened out more

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