Monday, August 23, 2004


Build Your Own Panniers: Wrapup

At the boat ramp with my Pawn Shop Special Trek 800. Notice the Phat Cycles Urban Assault Handlebars :) Posted by Hello

Well, This project is a success. I've put about 7 miles on them so far. I've been off and on road. No cracks anywhere. I'd like to get 500+ miles on them to really see how they hold up.

My goal of multi use on tours

Lastly, is the storage space. 10 dry gallons = approx. 2688 cubic inches. That's way higher than my original 2500 cubic inch goal. Sorry, all you metric guys. I get meteric measres up later. I wish the U.S. would completely switch to the metric system. Wait, that's another post. Doh!

No wonder your butt hurts when you ride. Get a gel seat for crying out loud!
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