Sunday, August 22, 2004


Hey, Folks

This is my first blog. I found out about blogging on our church website. I'm interested in bicycle commuting/touring as well as helping people recover from addictions. Particularly, sexual addiction. So, this blog will be a combination of those two passions I have in life.

I've ridden bicycles every since I was a kid. My dad taught me how to ride. In fact, those days were some of the best memories I have. I didn't ride any during my teenage years. I started riding again in college during my sophomore year for exercise. That didn't last very long because someone stole my bike. It was a nice Diamondback WildWood. Nothing that will win X-Games but a fun little bike. After that I didn't ride for nearly 6 years.

Later, I found a Specialized Rock Hopper at a pawn shop for $100. I rode it for 3 months. The frame was just too small. I'm 6'2" so I needed a bigger frame. So, went more pawn shops and found a Trek 800 at a different pawn shop for $59. The frame is a much better fit. Actually, it's maybe a size to big. Anyway, I've been riding that one now for more than a year.

As far as the addiction goes I've struggled with sex addiction for about as long as I have ridden bicycles. Fortunately, the Lord has sent people in my life that specifically deal with that issue.

Sexual immorality has torn through or nation and even in the church many are falling prey to this addiction. This is perhaps Satan's most prized weapon. I saw an air show a couple years back and they had a B-2 Spirit fly over. The B-2 is the "stealth bomber" It looks like a UFO and it's quite. You'll never know its there until it right above you. By then it's too late. I think Satan in using pornography and particularly the internet pornography to achieve this stealth bomber effect on our nation. The true enemy of our nation is not hidden away in some bunker in Afghanistan, it's right here in the very minds of our fellow citizens.

Well, I've ranted long enough. I think I'm gonna ride my bike. Oops, it's raining. I rode in the rain yesterday test some new panniers I built. Oh, well, I'll play some Call to Duty instead.

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