Sunday, August 22, 2004


Micro Tour

I'm planning a micro tour to Camp Tuscoba during Labor Day weekend. Camp Tuscoba is a Christian Retreat located outside Tuscaloosa, AL. It's only about 9 miles from my apartment. I forgot to ask Jimmy, the camp's owner, if it's was okay to camp there over night. I'll have to call him.

I think I can do it. The bike I currently have is horrible for touring though. Even for little day ride this one. I can only do about 8 miles before my rearend feel like grated cheese. Maybe that's more info than any one needs to know but that is the inherent flaw in traditional "diamond frame" bicycle design. All my weight is being supported by the soft tissues between my legs. When you're 255lbs that can really be painful. Just Tuesday I did 9.45 miles. The pain wasn't much better. Things were swollen and I will leave it at that!

I don't see how Lance does it. Oh, he weighs about 100lbs less than me. Doh :) My point? I need a better bike!

Testing to see if the reply button works. I repeat this is only a test.
Micor Tour Cancel. I have other obligations that weekend. Also, I just can't ride more than 9 miles before my butt is in too much pain. I'll start touring once I have a 'bent.
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