Friday, September 03, 2004


Eureka, Touring at Last!!!

Rans Fusion. Perhaps, the cutest bike known to mankind. Posted by Hello

As you know I've looking for a good touring bike. However, because I'm a graduate student my budget is quite limited. I don't like the learning curve of SWB and LWB recumbents and I don't have the money for a trike. DF are just out of the question.

I first read about the Rans Fusion about a year ago. I thought it was a cute bike and nothing more. But, now the thing is really a contender. It's half recumbent, half traditional diamond frame. If I could build a smaller set of panniers (Buckets of Doom: Mini edition) and a trailer, this thing could work.

I just got and email from Rans. They told me they have several customer that have ridden Centuries with favorably results. WOW!!! A successful century is something to brag about. This bike could be the ticket.

See ya

Just got word from Rans. The wieght limit onm the Fusion is 250lbs. With the weight of the panniers I'll put the thing over the limit. I guess it's back to the greenspeed plans. They seems to be the only ones that can/will build a bike to my specifications.
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