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Major Taylor

Major Taylor. The Lance Armstrong of the 1890s Posted by Hello

At the turn of the previous Marshall W. "Major" Taylor, dispite racial discrimination, threat physical assault, had become a world champion cyclist competing in the United States and Europe. Not only was he a champion on the track but he was a believer also. "After his mother's death in 1898 and was a steadfast member of the John Street Baptist Church in Worcester. For years, he resisted invitations to race in Europe because he refused to race on Sundays. He finally signed a European contract in 1901, was welcomed as a hero in France, and proceeded to beat every European champion."(Major Taylor Association)

I would love to read a biography about this man. It gives me hope that I could start long distance bicycle touring. So often the media portray blacks with negative view points. Much of the racism today is not blatant as 100 years ago, but there is still racism. It's hidden and very subtle nowadays.

Anyway, Major Taylor's accomplishments include

For more info. check out

A great article by the late great Ken Kifer:

A good article that compares Lance Armstrong to "Major" Taylor.

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