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Super Powers

We've all thought about it. What would your superpowers be? (No invincibility or immortality.) Posted by Hello

If you could choose 2 super powers what would they be? I've thought of this. It's a very entertaining thought. Everything from shooting lighting bolts from me arse, to flying, to having some kind of supersuit with lots of firepower crossed my mind.

What powers would I choose? I would choose the ability to disappear and to replicate myself. As I entertained this thought of being a super hero, I found the powers I would choose to be disturbing. Basically, I would choose powers that would allow me to divorce myself from the world, from life if you will.

Surprisingly, this is exactly what the addiction gave me. When I would act out it was a way for me to get away from reality. In fact, I don't remember some parts of my life because I spent so much time thinking of ways to get my next high. It was a dream world.

I find it odd that I would choose powers that would at least emotionally allow me to run away from life as opposed to stand and fight. For me, this not the answer I wanted. One of the things God has given me is the power to stand and fight, yet in and of my own power I would not chose that.

My point? I will share a dream I have when I first started my recoveryprocess over 2 years ago. In the dream I was walking to class. Then out of nowhere someone hit me. But there was no one in sight. Another blow came and another. Someone or something(s) was beating me up. I fought, swinging as hard and as fast as I could but wasting energy hitting nothing but air. I was taking a serious beating. Furthermore,whoever attacked also had the ability to enter and exit my bodywhenever he/they saw fit. I could feel them flying through me. All seemed hopeless.

After a while, I noticed someone approaching me from a distance. Itwas a man dressed in white. I mean pure white. His hair was white hiseyes were strange. He came straight up to me and said, "You need to step out of this world."

I thought, "Who's this guy? Don't you see that I getting beaten here?Help!" He must have read my mind because just as I finished that thought he said again, "You need to step out of this world." Just ashe finished those words, the earth began to shake and fall apart."Maybe I should listen to this guy," I thought to myself. So I didexactly what he said. I stepped out of the universe into a strangeplace, a place very much like the Construct Program in the Matrix. It was all white and you could not tell the difference between the floor,the wall, and the ceiling.

As I stepped through the portal the man stepped with me. I noticed howquickly the portal closed after I got through. After the portal closed, I noticed something streak overhead. I saw for the first time who hadbeen attacking me. It was a demon, and he was fast. He came around foranother pass. I got a good look at his face. He was dressed in a graycloak and had a black face. As he set up for his attack I became scared, thinking I was about to undergo another beating. I braced myself for the blow when I noticed I was holding a double-edged sword.I looked over and saw the man dressed in white. I turned back to notice the demon approaching very swiftly. As he reached attack range I took up the sword with all my might and swung at him. The demon wasno more.

Afterwards, I looked at the sword and I remembered the man dressed in white. I looked over and he was still there, looking me straight inthe eyes. He had seen the entire incident. As I looked and admired this man I noticed a bond with him. It felt like an umbilical cordmade of energy connected us and the connection was completely inseparable.

There were many other attacks from the enemy. Sometimes the attackswould come like a bed of fire ants. Sometimes there would only be 1 or 2 demons attacking. Sometimes there would be long periods of time between attacks. I always stood in battle stance, never letting up, always on the lookout. However, many times I would look over to see if the man (Christ) was there. He was always there. He never left, and was always looking me in the eyes.

The demons never attacked the bond between Christ and myself. They would only attack me. In the dream I never lost a battle. I stood my ground and never let the enemy over run my position. All because of the power Christ had given me through the Holy Spirit and his word.

When I awoke from the dream I had the sense that the dream had taken place over my life time. So you can see that thinking of having superpowers would allow me to, essentially, "run away," is still proof that God truly works in weakness. It amazes me that God can turnsinners into Saints. If he can to that, there is truly nothing too difficult for God.

Interesting post. I would pick invisibility and mind control. I agree that it's rather disturbing that those would be my choices. It's a good thing we really aren't given the option. You know the saying "Power corrupts?" I'm pretty sure those powers corrupt worse than many others.
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