Thursday, October 21, 2004


1,400 miles, whew!

Today marks the 1,400 mile on my bicycle. The cyclometer now reads 1404 miles. I rode 9.5 mile today. I rode downtown to pay the water bill. Afterwards, I headed to campus to practice at the music building when my front derailuer cable broke. All I could use was the lowest chainring. I managed to get to the Cycle Path and bought a new shifter cable. I put it on outside the shop. No need to waist eight bucks when I could do it myself for free! I got it and adjusted they cut the excess cable off and put a cap on end to the cable from coming unfrazzled. Just as I pulled out a train came rolling by and stopped right there on the tracks blocking my way home. I chose to make this an adventure. I hopped my bike and took off down the railroad track. I had to go about a mile to the end of the train to get to the next street.

The stomach called. So, I ate at Tequilla Grill just off 15 street. It wasn't Pepitos but the stomach was happy. I didn't think I had the energy to get back home but after about 1/2 a mile the adrenaline kicked in. I got home safely and soundly. No crashes!

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