Tuesday, October 19, 2004


I Crashed! The Buckets of Doom Survive!!

I crashed on the way back from the grocery store today. It started raining and I decided to take the trail home. It's not a bicycle trail is a rocky dirt road that leads to many graveyard owned by the local mental hospital. It basically a shortcut through the woods.

Just recently a little asphalt had been laid on the trail. They did a very poor job because they left many lumps and bumps actually make the rocky dirt road rougher than before. I hit one of those bumps and went over the handlebars. True enough my feet detached from the clipless pedals as they were supposed to. I hit the ground hard. I laid there for a minute to get my bearings. My helmet looks good I don't see any cracks but I may buy a new one just in case. They Buckets of Doom survived the fall. They are truly awesome panniers. I may have to start selling these things!

At ant rate I think that settles it. I'm building this Greenspeed. If I had a trike I never would have had the accident because there would have never been any balance issues.

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