Friday, October 01, 2004


Super Powers: Follow up

Superheros are cool! Posted by Hello

I feel I should post a follow up to the Super Powers article I wrote on 23 Sept 2004. After thinking about the underlying reasons why I chose the powers to replicate and to disappear, I have reconsidered mychoices. The powers I would choose today would be the power to buildany mechanical device I could imagine with the support of a benefactor. Kind of like Tony Stark (Iron Man) or Bruce Wayne (Batman).

The underlying reason is this: I would rather choose a power that would allow me to face reality and deal head on with life's problems, as opposed to the "tuck tail and run" response. The power to build weapons to fight is much more appealing and satisfying than running away.

I think this marks a transition from merely 'managing' an addiction to becoming a normal functional human being. In other words, I no longer view myself as a recovering sex addict. I see myself as on a life-long journey to becoming whole. I see myself as becoming whole and complete in every sense of the word.

At the end of my life I want people to say that Damon was a man who lived a life according to his values, that he tried to do what was right, and that he tried to make right the wrongs he had committed. I would call that a successful life.

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