Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Buckets of Doom: Wet Weather Report

As some of you know I built my own set of bicycle panniers from square 5 gallon buckets(U.S. Plastics) and Arkel's Hooks system. I christened these panniers the Buckets of Doom.

I have about 200+ miles on them both on and off road. They have held up quite well. Better than expected, in fact. However, I have not had a chance to test them during wet weather. Well, this week has been raining planets! I left my panniers on the back of my truck because I was too lazy to take them off. Also, I did not seal them all the way. I only shut 2 out the four corners and one pannier laid on its side. The verdict? After 2 days of rain they held up well. Because they were not completely shut moisture definantly got in but there were only a few drops of water. Had they been completely seal up there would not have been any water on the inside. More test are needsed. However, this good showing bodes well for a long tour.

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