Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Commy Liberal Hacks Push for Bicycle Licenses

Okay, this is too much. Just another instance of how liberal elites have gone
completely out of touch with the general public here in the U.S. In the Bronx (New York City), Councilwoman Madeline Provenzano, Democrat, introduced a bill that calls for fines up to $300 and up to 15 days in jail for anyone over 16 years old who rides an unregistered bike or flouts traffic laws (newsdaily.com). Ms. Provenzano also suggests a $25 registration fee.

I see this as another attempt at pushing the liberal agenda: take away
peoples rights and let the government control everything. The"liberty for security/safety" argument strikes again. You know, Communist Manifesto stuff. I haven't talked much about politics on my blog but this I had to publish. The problem is, Ms. Provenzano is pushing this as a safety issue, which it is not. I understand I am in Alabama an she is in New York and the traffic up there is in a perpetual gridlock, but to put the same restrictions on cyclist that you put on a car driver is ludicrous. Is placing more laws and more bureaucracy going to encourage cycling? Okay, so a few pizza delivery cyclists and message delivery guys break the traffic laws, but why punish the entire population for a few irresponsible riders? New York cyclists are much more law abiding than your average cyclist around the U.S., at least from what I've seen. Why not crack down on those businesses?

Here is a biblical principle: Eye for an Eye, tooth for a tooth. That the time should be proportionate to the crime. In other words, don't give a guy the electric chair for stealing a bag to Fritos!!! Throwing a guy in jail for 15 days for riding an unregistered bicycle? Come on. Ms. Provenzano has obviously never been in jail. How do people like that get elected? This is one reason I'm glad the 2004 Presidential election turned out as it did. Hopefully, the liberals will be out of power for the next 25 years or so.

I mean when a guy can't even ride a bicycle without having to cut through all kinds of bureaucratic red tape then what's the difference between us and come communist nation? That's doesn't sound like freedom to me. If Ms. Provenzano really wants to improve the safety of cyclists then she should push for training cyclists on how to ride bicycles effectively in traffic and also push a propaganda campaign to educate car drivers how to interact with and treat cyclists on the road way. That would make more since but she doesn't seem truly interested in safety. As an avid cyclist I see training/education as much more important that slapping a bunch of fines and registration fees on the cyclists.

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