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Hammock Camping

Hennessy Hammock Posted by Hello

I've been looking for equipment for touring/bicycle camping and I ran across this cool invention on a newsgroup. It's a hammock. The model above is made by Tom Hennessy, a Canadian, who based this design on Ancient Mayan Hammocks.

At first I thought this was this was somekind of joke, but then I saw the "Recommended by Eco Challenge" logo on his website. That got my attention. Eco Challenge is the world's most grueling adveture race. U.S. Navy Seal Teams have entered this race and lost!!! Anyway, it just hangs between trees. I rode along the bike trail yesterday and tried to spot suitable tent campsites (i.e. level groun, no roots, rocks, run off water, etc.). I found that for every traditional campsite I found 10 that would suffice with a Hammock system.

Check out Sgt. Rock's website. He is basically the hammock camping guru.

That looks VERY interesting. I'd bet it's a lot more comfortable than sleeping on the ground (no matter how hard I inspect my tent site, I seem to wind up laying right on top of the most uncomfortable rock or root in the woods). I think that a hammock would work really well for solo hikers/cyclists, but I wonder how such a set up would work for folks who bike/hike with others? With the traditional tent, you can play cards, discuss the meaning of life, etc. while shielded from the elements. With the hammock-tent, it looks like the tent is limited to solo activities such as sleeping and reading.

I wonder how the hammock tent keeps water from running down the ropes into the hammock?
Cool another reply!!! Anyway. Jim you might want to check out Tom's Henessy's website abot ropes and rainwater. I've read tons of reviews and it doesn't seem to be a problem. I think it is more for solo stuff and it's light wieght. I think I'll buy one. The Eco Challenge recommendation sealed the deal.
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