Monday, November 29, 2004


Hope 2

Hoping against hope is hard. But how can you hope in something already seen? I ran into an interesting story this weekend that gave me that little spark of hope. Just enough to get up and try again.

There were once 3 little trees on top a long, steep hill. The first tree said, "One day, I'm gonna be a great treasure chest filled with diamonds and gold and precious jewels."

The second tree replied, "Well, I'm gonna be a mighty battleship. I will brave the raging seas and carry mighty kings to the far places of the world."

"Wow, that's great. I would gather stay right here on this hillside and grow to become the tallest tree in the world so that when people look at me they would remind them of God," the 3rd tree said with great pride and passion.

Then one day when they were all grown up, there came 3 lumberjacks climbing the old hill with their hugh axes. The first lumber jack said, "Wow this tree is exactly what I've been looking for." And with a mighty blow of his axe, the first tree came tumbling down. "Hurray," thought the first tree, "I'm gonna be made into a treasure chest just like I always wanted!"

The 2nd lumberjack took a look around and said, "This is what I'm looking for, right here." And with one might swoop of his blade the second tree came tumbling down. Grandios visions of sea battles and far off travels with kings and queens occupied the third tree's mind.

The 3rd lumberjack said, "Well, any old tree will do for me." "Surely he wont choose me," said the 3rd tree. But with one mighty stroke the lumberjack cut all the dreams this tree had away.

Each tree lost hope. One tree was never made into a treasure chest. She was instead made into a feeding troph for donkeys and other animals. Filled only with hay. A mighty battleship never became of our other friend. He was made into a tiny fishing boat. Not even fit to sail a river. Day after day he had to ride around the lake with dead, stinky, smelly fish. As for our last friend she was cut into logs and was thrown on a self. No hope. No vision. No life worth living.

But then one day a young mother gave birth to a child. A beautiul child. "I wish I had a precious treasure chest to put you in. But all I have is the little feeding trophe filled with hay." When the baby was placed our friend finally our first friend knew that she was now holding the most precious treasure of all.

A few years later a few men got on a boat to cross the lake. One man seemed tired and fell asleep. A great storm came upon them. A storm too great for our little friend. Sleeping man got up and rebuked the storm. The little fishing boat with great amazment knew that he carrying the King of all Kings.

As for our last friend, remember the one that was cut into logs/ Well, oneday a man came and grabbed the logs. She was perplexed because she was placed on the back of a beaten and bloodied man. She was in horror when they nailed him to her. She felt misused, dirty, and ashamed. But 3 days after that man died, throughout all eternity when people thought of her they were all reminded of God

So, you see in the end they all had their dreams fulfilled: Our precious chest realized that thing are not what they seem, our little fishing boat was made strong , and our last friend understood that all she endured was far greater than being the tallest trees in the world.

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