Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Today's Ride

I'm here at the Moody Music Building in good old T-town, USA. I just found out that we don't have classes today. Man! That's cool because it give me more time to ride. The weather has been bad for the past week and things are just now beginning to clear. The campus is dead. Not many brain dead cagers (car drivers). Not all car drivers are brain dead. In fact, most aren't. But some care more about their convenience than my life.

I'm about to leave now. I'm not sure where I want to ride next. I'm gonna watch the Incredibles with some friends today at 3pm so I got about 3 hours 'til then.

Another surprise on today's ride. Bryce put up a gate to the trail. Actually, they've had the gate up for a while but now they've decided to lock it. The only thing on those trails are graveyard. I guess they are scared of grave robbers or something.

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