Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Trike Episode 5: Rise of the DoomSled!

I just got a response from Greenspeed they said that making an extra long boom should work fine. Now I will buy the crossmember, get Kustomcycles here in town to bend the seat tubes, print up the necessary templates for tube mitering. The x-mas goal to finishing the Doomsled's frame may not happen. But we should be finished by 1st quarter 2005.

I found this blog via bikeforums.net, and I love it. To post a comment I had to register my own blog with blogger.com 'cause you don't allow anonymous comments.

And I did all that just to say, "Wow, there's another bicycling, conservative (dare I say Libertarian) Christian who follows NASA and computers and has an interest in DIY equipment and touring. (specifically with hammock tents!) In addition, you seem to share not only my interest in Narnia, but also in the lesser known works of Tolkien.

What are the odds? The Internet truly is a boundless place. I use the name Ceiliazul on Bikeforums.net too, you can PM me anytime.

I'm from WA, and I offer you this item of wisdom from my part of the world: Boromir is to Faramir as www.cobbworks.com is to Buckets Of Doom. No matter their toil and tenacity, Buckets of Doom will never surpass the prestige of Gen-u-wine Oyster Buckets.
Thanks for the post, man. I've set the blog so that anyone can post without registering.

Lately I've been reading Tolkien's Unfinished Tales and Issac Asmiov's Foundation. Unfinished Tales has proven a harder read than the Silmarllion. However Christopher Tolkein's comments and references make it a lot easier.

Yes, the Oyster Buckets are classic. That's what I based the Buckets of Doom (BoD) on. I used some other ideas as well but you get the idea. I fact when I go to class or the library peoplw wonder what's in the buckets. Some think they are bombs and that I am about to blow up the build or something. Others think I just went fishing!!!
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