Monday, November 22, 2004


Trike Update 3

DoomSled's frame should be completed by Christmas 2004. If not, then, it will be soon after. I talked to the welder Friday. I says he can do it but I need to by the crossmember and pre-bent seat tubes from Greenspeed. The crossmember is the most diffcult part to build because it has to be weld at the correct angle, kingpin tubes mube be in the same plane. Also, seat tubes need to be bent. Bending 4130 steel is not for the faint of heart. So, I need to buy these 2 parts, then he can/will begin welding up the frame.

He could have built the crossmember but he felt more comfortable if I bought the part already built. My dad agreed. I guess steaming down Mt. Cheaha at 50 mph is not the time to figure out that the crossmember was misaligned!!! Also, the pre-bent seat tubes from Greenspeed have lumbar bends that would be much better for my back than the old seat tube design they had. Here's a link to Greenspeed's Ergo Seat Design.

He also has an air powered painter. I guess I could let him paint the thing also. I'm leaning toward some kind of black. However, white would be better for visibility. The Buckets of Doom are white, therefore, a matching white DoomSled would be cool.

Doomsled?? I like it!!! I guess which color you choose depends upon what sort of creature you want -- one that will sneak up on its prey, or one that will announce its impending arrival. Of course, if what I am envisioning is accurate, I think any possibility of sneaking on that thing is pretty much out of the question.
DoomSled is a good name. I think white would be best for visibility.
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