Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Bikes, Suger, and an Addicted Brain

I've noticed that when I ride my bicycle daily for even 5 miles that I have much less sugar cravings. Last week I only rode one day and I ended up eating sugar all day long, all week long. Strange. I have heard atheletes say that if you have a sugar craving just go walk for 15 minutes and the craving will go away. Although being anecdotal, there must be some level of truth here. I know when you exercise your brain eventually secretes "feel good" neurochemicals. In fact, these are the chemical on which all addicts are addicted. Concaine, for instance, is just a catalyst. This is why people can get addicted to sex, food, or roller coasters. They're literaly stewing in their juices.

Do any of you who ride a lot find this to be true? That during an extended down time that you feel, uummm, your bodt craving for something? For me, satisfying that need for adventure is crucial. It has to he done at least 3 to 5 times a week. Don't worry I'm not about to slip back into the old life, folks. I'm just attuned to my body.

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Yes, I would, Nickie.
You want another addiction? Try Latin dancing! I did it in college a while back, but havent' touched a dance floor in while. Last night I went to salso night at a dance club to check it out. Had a blast *trying* to salsa with some gracious ladies who were kind enough to put up with me. Went stag this time, I want to know what I'm subjecting my friends to by inviting them. Got brownie points from the lovely Salseras: "you came alone even though you don't know how to dance? That's brave!"

sing with me! "He may have a clue/ he may not have style/but everything he lacks, well he makes up in denial!"

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