Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Buckets of Doom Suffer Loss

Last week I lost one of the lids. When I got home one day last week I put the BoD on the back of my truck. One lid wasn't on securely and it flew off while driving. I hope no one go hurt. Anyway, I'm sitting here about to order a new lid from U.S. Plastics. The funny thing is that the lid is only two bucks. However, the shipping is six bucks!!! Six bucks, man!! Why pay more for the shipping than the cost of the item? That's just all kinds of stupid. The advantage is that the lid is completely water proof. Huh, problems, problems.

It's bound to happen again, so order more than one lid. Order 3. Maybe then, the shipping and the product will even out. Or, buy a completely new BOD, so you'll have a spare. It's inevitible. One of them will break eventually.

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