Tuesday, December 21, 2004


On the Road Again!

Willie Nelson recorded a classic with that song. Anyway, I'm on the road again. My knee seems to be working fine. However, my rear end is irritable though. I haven't eaten much fiber. That's usually the culprit but not this time. I'm convinced that recumbent cycling is really the only way to go. DoomSled hasten!!!!

I've been waiting to order the crossmember and seat tubes from Greenspeed for a while. I now have more time on my hands. So building DoomSled should go much faster. The thing is that I want to save on shipping. Everytime I order from Greenspeed I have to pay U.S. Custom's duties and over seas shipping rates. So, it only makes since to buy everything I need at one time rather than one pop at a time. The greatest cost will be the kingpins, front wheel hubs/brakes.

To save cost I could just go ahead and use the front gearing off my mountain bike and then upgrade later. That would save about close to 200 bucks or so. My front derailluer is XT level and the rest is Deore level components. Wellgo clipless pedals. This combinations has worked well for me. The problem is that it's geared for a 26 inch wheel. Greenspeed plans call for 20 inch rear wheel. That will be plenty of gear for uphills but I wonder will that be enough gear for straight and level rides. More gear calculations to do!!! As of now, I really don't pedal downhill because I'd rather save that energy to get up the next hill. I think I'll go this route. It'll take time to recondition my legs to ride in a reclined position anyway.

Don't rip up your mountain bike: everyone needs a backup steed!

When I bought my first road bike only after accomplishing my goal of 500 miles on my mountain bike. I had the option of selling the old bike to raise cash for the new bike. (cause I didn't have much to play with) I decided the keep the old bike, and bought a used touring bike for $300. 1980's era Alu, downtube shifters, 27 inch wheels and I still feel like Elliot (Spielberg's E.T.) racing the moon when I'm on it.

I still find use for the mountain bike when my friends want to ride with me, or when my roadie is "in the shop." (upside down on my garage floor)

If you cannibalize your mountain bike, well, you're shooting your old gray mare! *single tear*

...I'm not much into bents, is there no domestic supplier of the parts you need?
Main thing is that I'm trying to save cash. Bent's use the same part as any bicycle.
I'm sure you considered your options. Economics Of Life is a tough class. Maybe after you take off all the parts you need from the mtb you can sell the frame for more?

Bummer 'bout that old gray mare though.

By the way, I notice you're not posting your recent weekly milage totals. Are you still on track for your goal?
It'll be done before you know it! Keep on smiling, and pedal, pedal, pedal! Just a quick word of encouragement Brother.
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