Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Today's Ride

Low temperatures 20s. Ouch! I think I'm
gonna ride! I've got some long johns, good mittens, plus head gear.
This ride should be be fun. It'll be fun because I'm funbun!!!

Cold weather riding is the hardest because the cold air makes it hard
to breath. But with the proper head gear you breath warm air with
your mouth. I've seen some atheletes on training rides this week. I
guess they're trying to stay in shape so that spring training wont be
so hard. Which would in turn mean they would stay more competitive
during the summer and fall.

Hey Damon, I know someone has asked you this before... but just in case, and so that I will know, where did your nickname come from? funbun? Ritz.
It was a nickname I gave on of my professors in undergraudate school He didn't like it so I took myself and started using it online. His first name was Jon. So, Dr. Jon the Funbun.
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