Monday, February 21, 2005


Blue Angels DVD

Cool! The Naval Air Demonstration Team has a DVD! I would love to buy it. If you never been to a military airshow...YOU HAVE GOT TO GO.

It's so cool. Airplanes, fighter jets, afterburners, freakn' TOP GUN types man!!!

I've seen The Blue Angels and The Air Force Thunderbirds. The quality of flying is the same, but The Blue Angels are my favorite. The Blue Angels vary their show a lot. The Thunderbirds tend to do the same show year in and year out with little variation. The Blue Angels are more inventive and creative.

It's always fun to see Navy pilots vs Air Force pilots at these things. The Air Force boys are used to landing on these long runways. So their landings are smooth and gentle. The Navy boys....well, let's say it's a controlled CRASH. They're used to planting themselves on the desk of an aircraft carrier.

I agree, I have seen both demonstartion teams and if the military ever had a friendly competition on who put on the better show, I would have to say the Blue Angels would win, the planes are more attractive to look at, and the colors are more appealing, plus if you think about it the Blue Angels get alot more media exposure than the Thunderbirds, which means they are more popular. They are also my personal favorite. I o like the thunderbirds , but favor the Blue Angels
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