Wednesday, February 02, 2005


More Rain.

I only rode 2 miles today. Just down the street and back.

I'm spending most of my time writing copy and/or studying great copy. I'm working through a copywriting homestudy course developed by the American Writers and Artists Institute. They train writers and graphics designers in direct response copy writing. In other words, they train people to write ads and sales letters.

My plan is to use this to fund the Rise of DoomSled.

Average income for copywriters is 50-60k per year. I'm shooting for 100k within 5 years. I could really pay off some student loans with that!

It's pretty hard for me to share this so many people. Afraid people will laugh and make fun. Screw that. I know a man who had a dream. He chased that dream until his dying day. Dr. King never saw it fulfilled. But that dream is being lived out today by many blacks. Even the Iraqis are getting a taste of this dream.

Anyway, must write...stop blogging...must...write!

"Those who mind don't matter, those who matter don't mind."

You can do it! On what basis do you expect to make double the normal amount? Are you planning to work longer hours?
Well, a way.

Training is key. Copywriting isn't taught is college. Thus, a lot of copywritiers are self taught. But there are theories and methods behind writiing good copy that most copywriters never learn on their own. A lot of junk mail you recieve has bad copy that doesn't adhere to basic marketing prinicples. That's what AWAI is all about.

I plan to double the training, work harder, and target the highest paying aspect of copywriting: direct sales. There is more money to be made writing sales letter than writing brouchures and the like.

It's balls-to-the-wall advertizing, focused on selling products. Not like these witty, funny, ads you see on T.V. that have nothing to do with selling products.
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