Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Darth Vader

Okay, this is PATHETIC! Darth Vader reduced to Burger King, M&M, and Cellphone commercials. This is a new low. I never thought Star Wars would go this low, but...

This is Darth Vader we're talking about. The most complex bad guy is all of sci-fi history and he's selling M&Ms? I have lost all respect for Mr. Lucas. I will watch the film, but I don't think going to any Star Wars dvds. I'll just by Lord of the Rings. Hopefully, the Narnia Chronicles will be the same quality as LOTR.

I agree. Somebody in marketing would probably get a lightsaber to the gut if ole Vader really existed.

I enjoyed reading your posts about recumbant cycling.
Yep, that Darth Vader thing is just wrong! Keep on riding! Soli Deo Gloria! WWW.TOURDEPANTS.COM
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