Friday, March 17, 2006


DoomSled Breathes

On the Ides of March, in the year of our Lord 2006, forged in the fires of the north was born DoomSled...

Okay, enough Tolkien. But seriously, I just got word that my frame was finished. In fact, the guy finished it on the 15th. That was really something: all this talk about doom and the Ides of March it fits pretty well.

So the it should be here by next week this time :) Once here I'll assemble the bike and start test riding before I paint it. I'm thinking 50 miles will do it.

I think I'm still gonna paint it army green. Also, I'll make the hammock forest green, and probably make the tarp camouflage.

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I used to go for the camaflage look when camping, myself. When I got lost in the woods, I changed my thinking. Now, I go for bright, highly visible colors, like blaze orange.
Hmmmm, I didn't think about that.
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