Friday, March 17, 2006


Fathers and thier Sons

I was thinking about the reasons why I love airplane and bicycles and camping and the outdoors. The answer? These are the activities where I spent the most time with dad.

My grand dad worked at the old Hayes Aircraft Company in Birmingham, Alabama. He repaired C-130s and C-141s. During visits, he would take me out to the airport, and we would sit and watch airplanes takeoff and land. I loved to watch the F-4s take off. They were loud. I like loud.

My dad. Well, I fished a lot with my dad, and my dad taught me how to ride a bicycle, and one of my best camping experiences was with dad.

Strange how we cling to those things which remind us of dad. I find this same quality in Christ. He was always talking about how he would only do what he saw his Father doing. Or how he and his father were one. I guess this is the way of things.

Maybe that's why I'm so fond of eating.
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