Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Finally, the wheelset is here

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Just got my front wheel in today. It even came with a Kenda Kwest tire and inner tube. I'll head over to Cycle Path tommorrow and have them transfer my old 7 speed cassette to the new rear wheel. It only has 20 x 1.25 tire so I should be able to use the front brake of my Peugeot. I'll buy some new brake shoes and those old center pull brakes will be plenty.

The frameset should be in tommorrow. From there I need to buy a couple chains to finish assembling the bike. I's already got new brake and shifter cables and such. I hope they're long enough thoough. So I should be ready for a test ride by next week this time.

Remember that shifter you gave me? I still have it, if you want it back. I didn't ever use it.
Thanks, but that's okay. I've got a really cool set of shifters, and I want to use them.
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