Monday, March 13, 2006


Hammock Book

I ordered Ed Speer's book on hammock camping on Saturday. It was only $12 from Walmart online. It should be here Wednesday or Thursday.

The guys on the hammock camping Yahoo forum say they're easy to make. I don't know why more people don't use them for camping. It's the perfect shelter: light wieght (which makes hill climbing easier), more caping spots(I mean most of North America is a jungle, especially here in the southeast), more comfortable than the ground (sleeping on the ground sucks), water proof (well if it's a hurricane you're gonna get wet no matter what).

Why sleep on the ground when you can sleep on air? DUH! But I guess some people like the hard way. Go figure.

Sleeping on air is cold. The wind blows under the hammock and wisks away all your body heat. Probably good for summer camping, but not so great when it's colder. I'd rather lay on the hard ground and be warm.
Yeah, you're right. Same principle for why water freezes on bridges faster than on roadways.

But there is the pea pod concept: put a sleeping bag around the entire hammock, double layer the hammock, and add a sleep pad. Thus making several warm layers of air between you and the cold air. Some guys are claiming sleeping down to 18F. Tons of insulation. That may destroy the whole light weight thing though.

But your right you're taking a summer time piece of equipment and trying to make it a winter deal.

I plan to using it as a 2 season deal. Mostly for day riding as a convenient way put up a comfortable place to rest. I don’t like cold air. It’s hard to breath cold air. It makes my throat hurt.
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