Monday, March 06, 2006


Hammock Camping

I camped a lot when I was a kid. My Boy Scout Troop went out several times per year to camp. I remeber going to Camp Tukabatchee for summer camp. I loved it. It also reminds me of the good times I've had with my dad. I remember Camp Tukabatchee had Lad and Dad weekend. My Dad and I went. I remember the stories hold me of his Army days. That was good. Those days where the best days with dad.

Bicycle riding was another love of mine. So this summer I plan to do both: cammping and bike riding. That's what bicycle touring is all about.

But I haven't talked much about camping gear. I mentioned hammock camping a while back. I want to make an Ed Speer style camping hammock. I figure I'll buy his book. It's just 20 bucks. It has all the patterns and stuff.

My grandmother's sewing machine is just sitting in storage. I hope my mom can find it because I want start making more of my own gear. I guess that's my philosophy with touring: make as much your own gear as possible. Because sometimes commercial gear doesn't fit my needs for whatever reason.

I am a cottage industry Hammock maker.I designed a hammock for extended overnight sleeping,This desined is the "Kayaker" and can be reviewed at
This website is also:
One world Hammock University/Inceptive Institute of Horizontal Studies and the post graduate,Collage of advanced Creature Comforts,please contribute to: Hammocks: insights,data,imagesThank you for your kind considerations/Mark
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