Tuesday, March 21, 2006



Like I said, "I WANNA RIDE." I haven't ridden since the end of last summer.

But one thing that limited my millage last summer was hydration. Down here it gets 95 deg. F and 95% humidity. I would often go out with only one water bottle. I'd guzzle that bottle within about 5 miles and have to turn around before the fun started. So, I think I need a better hydration system. Well, not better just more hydration.

I have a friend who is a college professor. He's in the Human Performance Studies Department: a P.E. teacher. He says that Gatorade is the real stuff. I always thought Gatorade was just Kool-aid with salt. I wonder if you could get the same effect from eating GORP (good ole raisins and peanuts) with a banana and water? Raisins would give you carbs for energy; peanuts would give you fat to lube up the joints as well as salt and minerals; and bananas would give you potassium to keep your legs from cramping.

At any rate, I'll still need water. So I could either get more water bottles or a hydration pack like these one from Platypus. I figure three liters of water should be enough for a day ride.

Maybe you need one of these for your front: camelbak.

I think Phil is pretty familiar with how they work.
Yeah, I'll probably go with Fastback. That way I could attach it to the back of my seat.
I was thinking that you could make one of those water bottle cages for a 2 ltr. bottle, and have one on each side of your bike. ;-)
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